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of the Grand River

Six Nations. One People.

Located along the banks of the Grand River, Six Nations is the only reserve in North America where all six Haudenosaunee nations live together.
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Our Priorities

Land Claims
SNGR land includes only a small fraction of the land promised by the Treaty of Haldimand. Keep up to date on our land claims actions.
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Education & Culture
We honour our traditional teachings while preparing our youth for the future.
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We strive to preserve and enhance the physical, mental and spiritual needs of our community.
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Mother Earth
We respect the environment and acknowledge our connection to the Earth in all we do.
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We affirm the traditions of the Great Law of Peace and enhance them for our time.
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We seek economic development for our people, consistent with our role as the original stewards of the land.
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Covid-19 Updates
Find up-to-date information and resources on Ontario-wide and SNGR specific responses to the COVID-19 pandemic.
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Land Claims
Learn more and keep up to date on our land claims actions.
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Crisis Support
SNGR provides caring, holistic support for our members’ spiritual, mental, physical and family health. You are not alone. Help is a click away.
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